Determination – Through determination, hard work, and sometimes a little help, everyone can attain their goals. Sometimes, determination is an innate ability, but it’s often a trait that must be developed and nurtured. At Camp DRIVE, we want to help our campers understand that determination is an important part of reaching their goals.

Respect – Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. At Camp DRIVE, we constantly model what respect looks like and encourage respect towards all people and objects.

Independence – Not everyone has the opportunity to be completely independent, but we will give our campers as much independence as appropriate with the hope that it will encourage responsibility and improve their self-worth.

Value – Every person has value, regardless of ability. Everyone deserves to know that they—and the people around them—are important.

Expectations – We encourage our campers to set expectations for themselves and to help change society’s expectations of people with disabilities. When people understand what is expected of them, they often rise to meet the expectations. We believe in setting the bar high and help each individual to rise to meet their challenges.

The definitions we put forth do not completely explain how ingrained these ideas are in our programs, but we hope they clarify how much we value everyone we come in contact with. We work tirelessly to help develop a sense of pride and personal responsibility in each of our campers.